Ampeli Tax Law Offices

Ampeli Tax Law Offices is considered as one of Israel's leading tax law boutique. Accordingly, the Firm specializes in various aspects of Israeli civil taxation, as following:


International Taxation

The firm supports clients in optimal tax planning for business investments and operations for Israeli residents overseas and investments of foreign residents in Israel through a deep familiarity with relevant Israeli laws such as the Israeli unique tax trust regime, foreign laws, US tax laws, tax treaties, BEPS project, etc.

The firm deals, inter alia, with employee relocation, new immigrants and returning residents, representing and supporting foreign residents in Israel including well familiarity with special tax benefits, preparing legal opinions on residency issues for individuals and companies for tax purposes, permanant establishment issues and more.

Real Estate Taxation

The firm advises entrepreneurs, companies, private clients and law firms specializing in real estate on the tax aspects of urban renewal (TAMA 38), combination deals, residential apartment taxation, complex tax calculations, new immigrants’ tax benefits, etc.

Income Tax

The firm’s staff provides ongoing consultancy, prepares legal opinions and applies for tax rulings for individuals and companies on variety of issues such as M&A transactions, Hedge funds, capital gains tax, etc.

High-Tech Taxation

The firm consults companies and employees in various tax issues of employee’s stock options benefits, preparing option and stock plans in accordance with Section 102 of the Israeli Tax Ordinance, IP taxation, tax issues related to investors and entrepreneurs, VC taxation, etc.

VAT Taxation

The firm’s team is skilled in managing complex VAT issues including 0% VAT rates, financial institutions and the capital market, inputs VAT refund, fictitious invoices, etc.

The firm accompanies its clients on all stages of their transaction (local Israeli or international), commencing with pre-transaction tax planning, and followed by supporting legal Opinion (in writing), and/or holding discussions with the Israeli Tax Authority, in order to obtain their pre-ruling statement. In addition, to the extent required, the firm holding discussions with the relevant tax officer following the consummation of the transaction, preparing tax objections, and appealing to the authorized courts, as a part of civil tax law procedures.

The firm is committed to high standards of professionalism and premium legal services, and uniquely providing the ever-needed integration between various aspects of taxation and accounting. Ampeli Tax Law Offices cooperates and provides legal services to numerous law firms and accounting firms in Israel. Ampeli Tax Law Offices also cooperates with certified public accounting firms and legal firms in the U.S. and on other key global business centers.

Ampeli Tax Law Offices publishes for years, on a constant basis, articles, newsletters and tax blog, on a variety of civil tax issues.

Ampeli Tax Law Offices was established on 2010 by Adv. (C.P.A.) Meori Ampeli.


Adv. Meori Ampeli, Owner and Founder

LL.B., Law (2002); B.A., Accounting (2001); LL.M., Commercial Law (2005), all from Tel Aviv University. He is a member of the Israel Bar since 2005, is a certified public accountant and member of the Institute of CPAs, since 2004. He is a member of various Israel Bar and Institute of CPAs tax committees. In addition, Adv. Ampeli has submitted hundreds of professional legal opinions, tax objections and appeals in various tax fields. He has major experience and skill in appearing before the tax authorities, filing applications and receiving pre-rulings, as well as tax consultancy in international and Israeli taxation and Voluntary Disclosure Procedure. Adv. Ampeli also authored hundreds of articles on tax matters published in leading professionals’ tax magazines and periodicals. He regularly lectures in professional forums for lawyers, accountants, business people and tax consultants.

Adv. Shai Erez, Partner

LL.B., Law and B.A., Accounting (cum laude), Tel Aviv University. He is a member of the Israel Bar since 2007 and a member of the Israel Bar Tel Aviv District Tax Committee, specializes in Israeli taxation, international taxation and oil and gas profit taxation.

Adv. Erez is also a co- writer of the book "Oil and Gas Profit Taxation” (Ronen Publishers, 2014) and writing dozens of articles published in tax professional magazines and daily newspapers. In addition, Adv. Erez also lectures in real estate taxation at the Israel Bar.

For additional details on our firm please use this link. In addition, for further articles and information regarding the taxation of non-Israeli Residents in Israel please use this link - Foreign Investors.

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